THE SMALL MATTER OF A HORSE, the life of "Nongoloza" Mathebula, 1867-1948

: van Onselen (C.)

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68 pp., paperback, Reprint, Pretoria, (1984) 2008


Foreword by Jonny Steinberg, author of "The Number" (2004), a book on the notorious gangs the 26s, 27s and 28s.

First published in 1984, this is the story of Mzuuzephi Mathebula, also known as Jan Note and later as Nongoloza and the King of Nineveh, who founded the Umkhose Wezintaba or Regiment of the Hills, the forerunner of the notorious "28" gang.

Charles van Onselen is the author of "Chibaro", "New Babylon", "New Nineveh", "The Seed is Mine, the life of Kas Maine, a South African sharecropper 1894-1985", for which he received the Alan Paton Award, and "The Fox and the Flies".