THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES, 50 years of tyranny in Zimbabwe

: Coltart (D.)

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647pp., map, illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2016


David Coltart's autobiographical political history covers the last 60 years of Zimbabwe's history. Born in Gwelo in 1957, Coltart practiced as a human rights lawyer in Bulawayo before serving as a member of Parliament for the MDC opposition party in 2000. He served three terms, ending in the Senate as Minister of Eduction in 2013.

"David Coltart has delivered a masterful account of Zimbabwe's unfinished struggle for freedom. If you want to understand in particular the frustrations and setbacks of the last decade under Robert Mugabe you should read this book." Alec Russell, head of news at the Financial Times and author of "After Mandela: battle for the soul of South Africa"

"What emerges from this dramatic journey is a sense of courageous personal conviction and a faith in the inspiring resilience of his countrymen and women." Nicholas 'Fink' Haysom, Special Representative of the Secretary General for Afghanistan and former legal advisor to President Nelson Mandela

"This magnificent book is far more than just the autobiography of one of the most significant figures in Zimbabwean history; it is also a history of Zimbabwe, and a moral testament." Peter Osborne, political columnist of the Daily Mail