: Naudé (S.)

R 300.00
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347pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2017


A novel set in 1986 about a young South African man studying film in London who discovers three reels of a German film from the 1930s.

"I read this haunting and brilliant book in a white heat of wonder. At once Bildungsroman, intellectual mystery, and thriller reimagined as vision quest, 'The Third Reel' gives that rare excitement peculiar to great novels: the thrill of discovering a new and necessary world." Garth Greenwell, author of "What Belongs to You"

Also available in Afrikaans.

SJ Naudé is the author of "The Alphabet of Birds". The Afrikaans edition of this collection of short stories won the University of Johannesburg Debut Prize and the Jan Rabie Rapport Prize. He was also awarded the Jan Rabie & Majorie Wallace Writing Scholarship for 2014. He currently lives in Johannesburg.