THE UNLIKELY SECRET AGENT, the Eleanor Kasrils story

: du Toit (P.)

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158pp., illus., paperback, No Place, 2022


Foreword by Ronnie Kasrils. 

South African actor Paul du Toit's play based on the book, The Unlikely Secret Agent by Ronnie Kasrils. du Toit won the 2022 Fleur du Cap for Best Director.

Eleanor Kastils (1936-2009), an active member of Unmkhonto we Sizwe, was arrested by the Security Police in Durban in 1963, detained and interrogated. After going on a hunger strike and feigning a breakdown she was admitted to Fort Napier, a mental hospital in Pietermaritzburg. After managing to escape she joined Ronnie Kasrils in Johannesburg. From there, the Kasrils escaped to Botswana, where they were granted political asylum. They moved to Tanzania and eventually to the UK. They returned to South Africa in 1993.