: Morojele (M.)

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222pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2023


Novel set in the Kingdom of Lesotho. EG, his friends and his neighbours try to survive a breakdown in civil order.

 "An exciting and inventive novel, which brings an extraordinary dimension to the ordinary tale of life." Veronique Tadjo

"Morojele is an extraordinary writer. He has a poet’s eye for detail and a gift for bringing characters vividly to life. In a novel teeming with memorable misfits and survivors, the most startling creature of all is ‘Mota’s Ghost’, which is sure to haunt the reader long after the book has been closed." Ivan Vladislavic

Jazz drummer Morabo Morojele has toured with Sibongile Khumalo and recorded with Abdullah Ibrahim and Winston Mankunku Ngozi. He was raised in Ethiopia, Italy and Lesotho and has worked in the development sector in Lesotho and South Africa. His first novel, How We Buried Puso, was published in 2006.