THREE WISE MONKEYS, The Makings of an African Economic Tragedy/ Through the Turnstiles of the Mind/ The Quest for Wealth without Work

: van Onselen (C.)

R 1,500.00
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247+192+316pp., illus., maps, paperbacks, 3 volumes, boxed, Johannesburg, 2023


In three volumes, Charles van Onselen examines the relations between South Africa and Mozambique, Portugal’s east coast colony, as expressed through the migrant labour system, the tourist trade, the rise and fall of LM Radio and the Lourenço Marques Lottery.

Charles van Onselen is Research Professor in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Pretoria. He is the author of The Cowboy Capitalist, John Hays Hammond, the American West and the Jameson Raid; Showdown at the Red Lion: the life and times of Jack McLoughlin, 1859–1910; The Fox and the Flies; Masked Raiders and The Seed is Mine which won the 1997 Alan Paton Award.