THROUGH A BRICK WALL, the real story of the South African Beweries' global triumph

: Hewitt (A.)

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336pp., paperback, No Place, 2022


Alastair Hewitt on how South African Breweries grew from a local brewing company into the number two brewer in the world when it was acquired by ABInBev in 2016. He spent 32 years with South African Breweries and two years with ABinBev.


"A marvellous personal account of what it was like being part of South Africa's most remarkable corporate export. Filled with anecdotes and insights into how a small regional brewer from a broken country strategically set about becoming a global force, provides inspiring insights into what is possible when you set your mind (and extraordinary capabilities) to a task. It's a story of planning, courage, focus and strategy that should be taught everywhere. It makes me wish I had got to know better the dream team that made it happen." Bruce Whitfield, broadcaster and financial journalist