THROWN AMONG THE BONES, my life in fiction

: Schonstein (P.)

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318pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2021


Memoir by author and poet Patricia Schonstein, annotated with extracts from her writings. She is the author of seven novels including Skyline (2002 Sir Percy Fitzpatrick Award and 2005 French Prix du Marais), A Time of AngelsBanquet at Brabazam and The Inn at Helsvlakte. She has also written children's books and curated numerous poetry anthologies. She lives in Cape Town.

Thrown Among The Bones: My life in fiction is the transcription of a life that is intimately transparent and unwaveringly honest; page after page, Schonstein carefully invites the reader to partake in life’s challenges with her, to enter her world as an observer.” Carmen Clegg, Daily Maverick

“A fascinating and frequently poignant memoir.” Moira Lovell, The Witness