TOUGH LOVE, how a Limpopo homeboy became a world champ turned lawyer

: Ndou (L.)

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261pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, First SA Edition, Johannesburg, 2021


First published in Australia in 2021.

Autobiography of South African lawyer and three-time world boxing champion Lovemore Ndou.

Ndou grew up in extreme poverty in Messina (today Musina, Limpopo province) in the early 1980s and was forced to start fighting to protect himself and his family. He received his first boxing training at the gym of a local copper mine, and later left for Johannesburg to further his career, where he became known as the Black Panther. Offered an opportunity to box in Australia in the mid-1990s, he left the country and went on to become a triple-world champion. After retiring from boxing he qualified as a lawyer and runs the practice, Lovemore Lawyers, in Sydney, specialising in Family Law and Criminal Law. He was recently inducted into the Australian Boxing Hall of Fame.