TRACKER MANUAL, a practical guide to animal tracking in southern Africa

: van den Heever (A.), Mhlongo (R.), Benadie (K.) & Thomas (I.)

R 450.00
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376pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Second Edition, Cape Town, (2017) 2024


This expanded edition includes accurate track drawings, key points highlighting each animals tracks and signs, and colour photos of the animals and their tracks, dung, middens and scrapes.

Alex van den Heever is General Manager of the Tracker Academy.

Karel Benadie worked for 42 years as a tracker and field ranger in the Karoo National Park. He is currently the Academy's Lead Tracker trainer based in the Great Karoo.

Renias Mhlongo is the Academy's Lead Tracker mentor based in the greater Kruger National Park, where he has lived for 40 years.

Ian Thomas is a FGASA scout, an award that recognises excellence in guiding, weapon handling and tracking.