TRANSNATIONAL FAMILIES IN AFRICA,migrants and the role of information communication technologies

: Marchetti-Mercer (M.), Swartz (L.) & Baldassar (L.) ed.

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222pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2023


Foreword by Gonzalo Bacigalupe, Professor of Counselling Psychology at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

"This book goes beyond existing studies that focus on one migration trajectory to consider multiple, complex African migrations, including internal movement, those moving to South Africa and those moving through it. Therefore, it challenges bureaucratic categories of migrants and complicates the existing narrative of migration in southern Africa. A must-read for those seeking to understand African migration in its global context." Ingrid Palmary, author of Gender, Sexuality and Migration in South Africa

Contributions include:

"‘Ah! Do I Know What Data Is, My Child?’ Rural–Urban migration and the struggle to stay in touch" by Lactricia Maja, Risuna Mathebula, Sonto Madonsela and Maria C. Marchetti-Mercer

"‘They Will Be Yearning’: Zimbabwean migration to South Africa and keeping the family connected" by Siko Moyo, Sonto Madonsela and Maria C. Marchetti-Mercer

"The Luxury of Longing: Experiences of ICTs by South African emigrants to non-African countries and their families" by Maria C. Marchetti-Mercer and Leslie Swartz

"Looking Ahead: Paradox, criticality and a way forward" by Daniella Rafaely, Maria C. Marchetti-Mercer, Leslie Swartz and Loretta Baldassar.

Leslie Swartz is a clinical psychologist and Professor in the Department of Psychology, Stellenbosch University. He is the author of How I Lost My Mother (2021).

Loretta Baldassar is Professor in Anthropology and Sociology and Director of the Social Ageing Futures Lab at Edith Cowan University, Australia. She is Vice-President of the International Sociological Association Migration Research Committee.

Maria C Marchetti-Mercer is a clinical psychologist and Professor in the Department of Psychology, University of the Witwatersrand.