TRAVELS AND ADVENTURES IN EASTERN AFRICA, vol.1, edited, with footnotes and a biographical sketch by

: Isaacs (N.

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290pp., illus., map, paperback, Van Riebeeck Society Reprint Series, First Series, No.16, Cape Town, (1936) 2015

When he was fourteen years old Englishman Nathaniel Isaacs (1808–1872) was sent to St Helena to stay with his mother's brother, a merchant at Jamestown. In June 1825 accompanied Lieutenant King, captain of the brig The Mary to South Africa. After the brig had discharged its cargoes in Cape Town, King sailed for Port Natal.

This first volume of Isaacs’s journal covers his first visit to Natal, from 1825-1828. The text consists mostly of his descriptions of King Shaka and Zulu society and culture.

The second volume of Travels and Adventures in Eastern Africa covers his return visit to Natal in 1830-1832.