TREKKING ON, in the company of brave men

: Reitz (D.)

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298 pp., maps, paperback, Revised Edition, Edinburgh, (1933) 2012


A revised edition of the second volume of Deneys Reitz's autobiography, which deals with his involvement in the 1914 Rebellion, the German East Campaign, the German West Campaign, and his time on the Western Front during the First World War.

"In this edition of "Trekking On' we have taken the liberty of excising the first two chapters, entitled 'Exile' and 'Hard Times', which recount the aftermath of the Anglo-Boer War and the author's exile in Madagascar. In their place we have inserted two short chapters taken from the author's third work, 'No Outspan', which lead the reader swiftly into events commemorated in this publication." from the publisher's note