TSK-TSK, the story of a child at large

: Hackney (S.)

R 240.00
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215pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2018


Suzan Hackney was adopted in the late 1960s, fought with her adoptive mother, and spent most of her teenage years in a place of safety as a ward of the state.

"A beautiful memoir, written with a creative flair many fiction writers would envy - a gripping account of a childhood gone horribly wrong." Marita van der Vyver, author of "Forget-Me-Not Blues" and "The Hidden Life of Hanna Hoekom".

"Suzan Hackney grabs you by the throat and drags you into a world of runaways, reformatories and violence so casually described that you almost forget to be shocked. Meeting her might just change you forever." Miranda Sherry, author of "Bone Meal for Roses" and "Black Dog Summer"

Suzan Hackney lives in the southern Drakensberg, where she manages a resort.