: Langa (B.) with Molgonyana (M.)

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62pp., illus., paperback, New Edition, Johannesburg, No Date


First published in 2018.

"'We are in the beginning', Billy Langa announces as he swoops to centre-stage; the beginning of the universe and the beginning of this particular human being, irrevocably entwined. 'Life is but a burp of the big bang', after all. Armed with a truly impressive vocal dexterity and mesmerising choreography, Langa powers through his own evocative poetry in Tswalo, directed by Mahlatsi Mokgonyana, telling the story of Creation; the story of one specific creation - and throwing the beauty of birth up in stark contrast to the barrenness of a dying world." Maria Vos, theatre critic

" Langa depicts the magnificence of creation; the sheer magnitude and splendour of being born. Te magic of which is then undercut by being born into hunger, poverty and violence ... Tswalo is magnificent in its simplicity and mind-blowing in its complexities. it is a theatrical gift, in a world ever more attracted to CGI cinema. That one body can transport an audience through history, space and time. In its ephemerality, leave us wondering over what it's meant to be there and to be, well ... here." Kamini Govender

Writer and performer Billy Langa and director and designer Mahlatsi Mokgonyana are an independent collaborative theatre-making duo creating physical and storytelling theatrical productions.