TURNING AND TURNING, exploring the complexities of South Africa's democracy

: February (J.)

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326pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2018


Governance specialist, lawyer and columnist Judith February reflects on South Africa's democratic journey over the past 18 years, and especially on the crisis and frustration of the years since Jacob Zuma assumed office in 2009. She also focuses on the 12 years she spent at the Institute for Democracy in South Africa (IDASA) working on the arms deal, IDASA's party-funding campaign as well as issues of accountability and transparency. She was head of their South African governance programme for nine years.

"In this excellent book, Judith Febuary, one of South Africa's finest political analysts, dissects the ills of our country with quiet authority and insight. I highly recommend it." Barney Mthombothi

Judith February is now based at the Institute for Security Studies and is also a Visiting Fellow at the WITS School of Governance. Prior to this she was Executive Director of the HSRC's Democracy and Governance unit. She write regularly for Daily Maverick and Eyewitness News.