: van Gass (J,)

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282pp., colour illus., paperback, First SA EditionNo Place,2023


First published in the UK in 2022.

Jaco van Gass grew up in South Africa. At the age of 20 he joined the British Armed Forces, completed his training in 2007 and joined the Parachute Regiment. In 2009 he lost his left arm and sustained life-threatening injuries when he was hit by a grenade on his second tour of Afghanistan.  He has rebuilt his life as an adventurer, professional athlete and motivational speaker. He has undertaken an expedition to the North Pole, sumitted Mount Denali and Grand Paradiso and attempted to summit Mount Everest. As a cyclist he won a Silver medal the 2019 Para-Cycling Road World Championships in Emmen, and represented Great Britain at the 2020 Para-Cycling Track World Championships in Canada, where he became a Triple World Champion. At the 2021 Paralympic Games in Tokyo he became a Double Paralympic Champion and a three-time World Record Holder.