URBAN REVOLT, state power and the rise of people's movements in the global south

: Ngwane (T.) et al eds.

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211pp., illus., paperback, First SA Edition, Johannesburg, 2017


First published in the USA.

A collection of essays that analyse the conditions in which the poor and working class live and struggle in the contemporary urban context.

Contributions include:
"Thembelihle Burning, Hope Rising" by Luke Sinwell
"The 'Spirit of Marikana' and the Resurgence of the Working-Class Movement in South Africa" by Trevor Ngwane

"A superb addition to the literature on the contemporary global crisis and its micro manifestation...Each city has new insights and lessons for the next generation of urban rebels." Patrick Bond, author of "BRICS: an anticapitalist critique"

What emerges from this collection is a complex picture of resistance, which nevertheless provides nuanced hope for a universalist project of social transformation...The result is often a refreshing and accessible journey into urban revolts that the reader may have less familiarity with." Leo Zelig, author of "Struggles Today, social movements since independence"