VISUALISING CHINA IN SOUTHERN AFRICA, biography, circulation, transgression

: Leeb-du Toit (J.), Simbao (R.) & Anthony (R.) eds.

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364pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2022


A collection of essays that engage with the work of contemporary African and Chinese artists while analysing broader material production.

Contributions include:

"Introduction: Geopolitics by Other Means: Navigating the Chinese presence in southern Africa through art" by Ross Anthony, Ruth Simbao and Juliette Leeb-du Toit.

"The Chinese Camera Club of South Africa: Landscape and belonging" by Malcolm Corrigall

"Diary of a Diasporic Chinese Artist in South Africa. Artist’s Reflection" by Kristin NG-Yang

"Shifting Urbanity and Global China in Conversation: Views from Johannesburg and Lusaka. Photo Essay" by Mark Lewis and Romain Dittgen

"Tech Transfer: Marcus Neustetter’s China in Africa corpus. Artists Interview" by Gemma Rodrigues and Marcus Neustetter

"Moffat Takadiwa: Reincarnating Chinese commodity waste in Zimbabwe" by Lifang Zhang

"Wolf Warrior II: Chinese film, African settings and western narrative convergence" by Ross Anthony

"The Political Sublime: Reading Kok Nam, Mozambican photographer, 1939–2012" by Rui Assubuji and  Patricia Hayes

"Understanding William Kentridge from China" by Ying Chen and Shuo Wang.

Juliette Leeb-du Toit is Research Associate at the Visual Identities in Art and Design Centre, University of Johannesburg.

Ruth Simbao is the National Research Foundation SARChI Chair in Geopolitics and the Arts of Africa, and Professor in Art History and Visual Culture at Rhodes University, Makhanda.

Ross Anthony is a research fellow at the Department of Modern Foreign Languages at Stellenbosch University. He is the co-editor, with Uta Rupert of Reconfiguring Transregionalisation in the Global South: African-Asian encounter.