VOICES FROM THE UNDERGROUND, eighteen life stories from Umkhoto we Sizwe's Ashley Kriel Detachment

: Gunn (S.) & Haricharan (S.) eds.

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403pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2019


Members of Umkhonto we Sizwe's Ashley Kriel Detachment in the Western Cape conducted over 30 operations between late 1987 and early 1990. Eighteen members give accounts of their involvement in the ANC's armed struggle.

"A riveting account of the lives and deeds of idealistic young MK operatives." Albie Sachs, author of The Soft Vengeance of a Freedom Fighter and The Jail Diary of Albie Sachs

Shirley Gunn is a former anti-apartheid activist, MK member and commander of the Ashley Kriel Detachment. She is the Director of the Human Rights Media Centre.
Shanil Haricharan is a former unit commander of the Ashley Kriel Detachment. He has served as a senior official and public management advisor in the South African public service and is an adjunct lecturer at the University of Cape Town's Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance.