: Magona (S.)

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313pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2021


"When the Village Sleeps is a compelling novel of sorrow, hope and possibility. In a thought-provoking narrative of relationships - human, societal and environmental - Sindiwe Magona leads us from destruction, despair and tragedy to the possibility of renewal, healing and wholeness through ancient wisdom and the generosity of the human spirit." Duncan Brown, Dean: Arts Faculty, University of the Western Cape

"Sindiwe Magona has outdone herself in using the power of language - her unique isiXhosinglish - to explore the healing that is made possible by embracing our culture and heritage as spiritual anchors in a country that is yet to find peace for its soul. Ubunti is brilliantly presented here as the healing balm dispensed by an unkindly combination of a makhulu and a differently abled great granddaughter."  Mamphela Ramphele, author of A Passion for Freedom

"When the Village Sleeps could only come from South Africa's bravest, most enduring female voice. In this high point of Sindiwe Magona's literary oeuvre, the ancestors and a foetus find groundbreaking voices within a contemporary English narrative. Poetry mixes with tradition, anger with criticism, and guts with beauty in a deep-seated urge to resurrect values and build resilience." Antjie Krog, author of Body Bereft and Synapse

Author, storyteller, poet, playwright and actor Dr Sindiwe Magona recently received the Ellen Kuzwayo Award, as well as her third honorary doctorate from the Nelson Mandela University. Her latest books include Beauty's Gift and Chasing the Tails of My Father's Cattle.