WHITE MALICE, the CIA and the neocolonisation of Africa

: Williams (S.)

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651 pp., illus., paperback, First SA Edition, Johannesburg, 2021


First published in the UK in 2021.

"In this masterpiece of historical analysis on the dirty tricks of the CIA in Africa during the 1960s, Susan Williams delivers her magnum opus. This richly documented narrative is based on outstanding scholarly research … it could not be timelier in throwing light on the institutionalised racism and hypocrisy of Western powers." Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja, Professor of African and Global Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"A compelling, meticulously researched account of decolonisation and the forces seeking to thwart that chaotic, protracted, but ultimately liberating process. An informative read which, in examining the death throes of the rapacious colonial project, lays bare the profound injustice imperialism inflicted on Africa and beyond." Shashi Tharoor, Indian MP and author of Inglorious Empire

Dr Susan Williams is a senior research fellow in the School of Advanced Study, University of London. Her books include Who Killed Hammarskjöld?, Spies in the Congo and Colour Bar.