WHITES CAN DANCE TOO, translated by Daniel Hahn

: Epalanga (K.)

R 375.00
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313pp., paperback, London, 2023


First published in Portuguese in 2017 as Também Os Branços Sabem Dançar.

Kalaf, an Angolan musician, is stopped at the Norwegian border on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant. While in a holding cell awaiting interrogation, he reflects on his life.

"This electrifying novel is one that only a gifted musician could write ... a story so compelling and visceral that it has the power to move your heart and remind you that the only real borders are the ones we set around ourselves." Maaza Mengiste, author of The Shadow King

Angolan musician and writer Kalaf Epalanga fronts for the Lisbon-based dance collective Buraka Som Sistema, He is a columnist in Angola and Portugal. Whites Can Dance Too is his debut novel. Epalanga lives in Berlin.