WILDER LIVES, humans and our environments

: Brown (D.)

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216pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2019


"Duncan Brown uses ideas of 'wildness' and 'rewilding' to rethink human relationships with our environment" from the back cover

"Duncan Brown - seriously, irreverently - explores our 'wildnesses' in interactions of nature's biology and human responsiveness. Not a politically correct tract, Wilder Lives asks, more challengingly, how - without denying our wildness - do we live creatively, responsibly, lightly, on the Earth, our only home? A timely book for our times." Professor Michael Chapman, author of Green in Black and White Times

"This is a book in its right time. Duncan Brown is creating a new language for what it means to be an environmentally integrated human being. The greatest of human discoveries in the future will be that at some level we are, and always have been, 'wild'." Don Pinnock, author of Wild as It Gets

Duncan Brown is Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Professor of English at the University of the Western Cape.