: Tsamaase (T.)

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405pp., paperback, First SA Edition, Johannesburg, 2024

Also published in the USA in 2024.

Novel set in a future Botswana, a surveillance state where bodies are a government-issued resource.

“A fearless novel that probes ideas of surveillance, misogyny and class ... Tsamaase brilliantly tackles ideas of motherhood and autonomy. The author seamlessly blends a body-hopping ghost story about revenge with a narrative about the importance of memory. It’s such an original first novel, and I’ll be reading whatever comes next.” New York Times Book Review

“This beautifully written work haunts and upends expectations with its resurrected ghosts and gods and ancestors of Motswana cosmology. What an accomplished debut!” T. L. Huchu, author of The Library of the Dead

Tlotlo Tsamaase is a Motswana author. She is the author of the  novella, The Silence of the Wilting Skin (2021). Her short story, “Behind Our Irises”, was the joint winner of the 2021 Nommo Award for Best Short Story. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Chapman University. Womb City is her debut novel.