WOORDEBOEK, Afrikaans-/Xam - /Xam-Afrikaans

: Raper (P.)

R 345.00
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188pp., paperback, Bloemfontein, 2021


"/Xam is the language spoken by the /Xam Bushmen who lived within human memory south of the Orange River, in the area formerly known as the Cape Colony. In time, Dutch and later Afrikaans became their language of choice, and the /Xam language fell into disuse. This almost forgotten language was mainly recorded by WHI and DF Bleek, and it forms an important part of the cultural heritage of countless descendants of the /Xam and other San who speak Afrikaans today." translation of text from the back cover

Professor Peter Raper is Research Fellow and Extraordinary Professor (Linguistics) at the University of the Free State. He is the author of Dictionary of Southern African Place Names and Voices Past and Present, a comparison of Old Cape dialectical, Bushman and Khoikhoi words.