WRITING IDENTITY IN THE AGE OF POST-COLONIALISM, figurations of home and homelessness in African poetry

: Edman (B.)

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258pp., paperback, CASAS Book Series No. 73, Cape Town, 2010


Includes a chapter on the work of South African poet Arthur Nortje.

"This is a profoundly instructive, well-researched and refreshingly critical study of assumptions of home and homelessness in postcolonial African poetry. It challenges the reader to foreground a nuanced and negotiated idea of belonging beyond the confines of race and place, but fed by the infinite ability of ordinary Africans to find home in and provide home for different identity margins." Francis Nyamnjoh, University of Cape Town

Bridget Edman was born in Sweden in 1947. She came to South Africa as a church worker in the 1970s, joined a religious order and continued to study literature, culture and religion.