WRITING THE DECLINE, on the struggle for South Africa's democracy

: Pithouse (R.)

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199pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2016


Richard Pithouse explores the growing authoritarianism of the South African state, the deepening social crisis, and the new ideas and forces that are emerging.

"A very important book from one of our most talented historians of the present...The elegance of Richard's writing is unparalleled, and the power of his arguments striking. This book reveals, in the starkest terms, what is at stake in the discourse and practice of emancipation in contemporary South Africa. It will add necessary substance - and, in no small part, erudition - to many of our debates, in these times of born-again anti-intellectualism." Achille Mbembe, author of "On the Postcolony"

"This collection by Richard Pithouse shows a deep commitment to connecting the struggles of vulnerable people across the globe, doing so with an enviable appreciation of history and structural analysis, and refusing to fall into the South African temptation of parochial analysis. The collection deserves a wide readership, from those who value bottom-up analysis of the search for substantive equality and justice, to those who enjoy writing that demonstrates a poetic command of the English language, or wish to understand the contours of our fledgling but lively democratic project." Eusebius McKaiser, political analyst, broadcaster, lecturer and author of "Run, Racist, Run"

Richard Pithouse is one of our finest essayists. He is the proverbial canary in the coalmine. With each exposition you watch him fly into the heart of South Africa's dysfunction and wonder whether he will come out alive. He does, just as we do. Time and again, Pithouse emerges with a song - woeful, melodic and, when you least expect it, redemptive." Sisonke Msimang, writer and activist

Richard Pithouse teaches politics at Rhodes University. He writes regularly for journals and newspapers, both print and online.