YOU HAVE TO BE GAY TO KNOW GOD, strong language, multiple triggers

: Khumalo (S.)

R 315.00
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287pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2018


Social and political commentator Siya Khumalo writes about being LGBTQI+ in South Africa today. "A rollicking, unorthodox, provocative, often explicit text about sex, culture, language and South Africanness." Judge Edwin Cameron, from his foreword "The late, unlamented Zuma era brought bales of misery, but it also birthed a generation of writers of coruscating brilliance. Siya Khumalo is one of them. Walk through South Africa with him, and you'll find yourself in a place that finally, blindingly makes sense, even if you'd rather it didn't." Richard Poplak, author of "Until Julius Comes, adventures in the political jungle" "Transgressive, provocative, authentic and uncompromising, Siya Khumalo's account of growing up as a gay man in newly democratic South Africa takes him into potentially hostile territories in search of his authentic self. This book is a heady mix of desire, raunch, politics, intellect and principle all wrapped up in Khumalo's singular and fearless voice." Marianne Thamm, Assistant Editor at Daily Maverick